5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Log Cabin In The Great Smoky Mountains

If you are looking to make a financial investment, real estate is nearly always a safe bet. Rather than invest all your hard-earned savings in a property that you will never use, however, you may want to consider putting your funds towards an investment that will not only grow in value over time, but will also provide some benefits to you.
For mountain lovers and outdoorsy types looking to invest in a property or vacation rental, no place could be better than the Smoky Mountains. This breathtaking location offers plenty of benefits for potential investors. Located far from the usual vacation rental crowd and surrounded by pristine nature, investing in a gorgeous log cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains will never cause you regret.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why it is a great idea to invest in a log cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains today.

A Smart Choice For First-Time Investors
If you have saved up over a long career and are seeking to expand your financial portfolio, investing in a property is a good idea. Investing in a vacation rental property is an even better idea. The property can continuously bring in passive income, and can also serve as your own personal vacation home. So by renting out your log cabin whenever it is vacant, your vacation home can essentially pay for itself. In fact, over time it is possible that your vacation rental log cabin will provide enough income to cover its own costs and make you a profit as well.

A Growing Tourist Area
According to National Park Service data, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the number one most visited national park in the United States, attracting 12.1 million visitors in 2020 alone. All of those millions of visitors are going to need somewhere to stay when they come to visit the Smokies, and a cozy log cabin tucked into nature will fit the bill perfectly for most visitors.

Log cabins are the ideal setting for a wide range of visitors to the park: from couples seeking a romantic weekend getaway to families taking an outdoorsy vacation to a group of friends on a road trip. With so many new attractions opening up in the surrounding area these days as well, like Dollywood and Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, even more visitors are flocking to Tennessee for vacation. A log cabin can provide the perfect home base for tourists to check out all the attractions the area has to offer- and, of course, to explore the vast amount of natural wonders on view throughout the national park.

Financial Security
Unlike investing in a beach home in Hawaii or an apartment in Manhattan, where exorbitant prices bar entry for most potential investors, a log cabin in the Smokies will be priced within a more affordable price range. Real estate in the area has continued to do well, proving that the market in this area is resilient even in the face of the recent turmoil that has affected the entire country.

Although they are located in one of the most visited locations in the United States, costs are still relatively low. So investing in a log cabin in the Smokies means you will more likely be able to afford the overhead costs, and then reap the financial rewards on your investment as time goes on.

New Surroundings
Aside from the possible financial returns on investing in a log cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, one of the primary additional benefits is the cabin itself. A log cabin could serve as a vacation home away from home for couples, singles, retirees, or families. Or it can eventually become a place to live all year round.

A log cabin can provide a great space for retirees seeking a peaceful mountain atmosphere to help them make the most of their retirement. Particularly for retirees who love hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching, or other nature-based activities, the Smokies would serve as an idyllic and stunning place to retire.

Or it can provide a tranquil and inspiring setting for newly remote workers. Huge numbers of employees made the transition from in-person to remote work during the coronavirus pandemic, and many of those newly remote workers have taken advantage of the freedom of movement to relocate to new areas. As long as there is a fast, reliable internet connection, remote workers can work from pretty much anywhere. What could be a better setting for working from home than the grand majesty of the Smoky Mountains? You can make all your colleagues jealous as you reveal a truly breathtaking backdrop for all of your video meetings and Zoom calls.

The Great And Beautiful Smokies
Of course, no discussion of living near the Great Smoky Mountains would be complete without at least mentioning the mountains themselves. After all, that is the whole reason people flock to this area in huge numbers. And it is easy to see why.

A Natural Investment
The Smokies form part of the Appalachian Mountain Range that spans across thirteen states, from New York down to Alabama. The Smokies are located in Tennessee and North Carolina and the forests located in the lower ranges here are among the most biodiverse landscapes in the country. The forests house hundreds of plant species and many endangered animals also call these forests home. Watching the sun rise and set over the misty mountain peaks and traversing the clear burbling creeks and streams that crisscross the landscape is sure to provoke a sense of deep wonder and appreciation in any visitor.

The overwhelming natural beauty of the landscape also offers plenty of fun activities. Stunning hiking trails, scenic drives, epic mountain biking trails, majestic waterfalls, peaceful flora and fauna, and exciting water activities are just some of the things visitors can get up to while exploring some of the 187,000 acres of old growth forest that lives upon these mountains.

If you are looking for a place to invest your hard earned capital, a log cabin located in the Smokies is a great choice. From its gorgeous location which draws millions of visitors each year to its low housing costs, the Great Smoky Mountains provides the perfect setting for investing in a log cabin.

For potential investors seeking a vacation rental property that can help pay for itself, a second home away from home, or even a new full time housing location, a rustic log cabin in the Great Smokies is a natural fit.

Invest in a Smoky Mountain Cabin
Invest in the Smoky Mountains

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